The Widest Choice

Jedson offers quite simply the widest choice of colours and designs for all our windows, doors and patios in the UK. We have been offering our bespoke colour service since 2005 because sometimes people just want something different. We have expanded our range of composite door designs so that there is a design for you as individual as you are.

Proven to perform

Our doors and windows look fantastic but they are also incredibly strong. All our windows, doors and patios are officially secured by Design. This means that the Police approve them for home owners as being active deterrents against crime. This not only should enable you to sleep more comfortably at night, but also reduce your insurance premiums too.

Environmentally friendly

U values? We spend a lot of time thinking about them so that we know that we are doing our bit for this planet of ours. The good news is that all this thought has led to us offering you doors, windows and patios that are very, very good for our environment. Thermal efficiency means less wasted energy = less use of fossil fuels and lower heating bills.

Built to last

There are cheaper alternatives out there but we seriously doubt there is better value on offer. All our products are built to last with the minimum of effort required from you. Our composite doors, for example, have an expected life of 35 years!

National reach

We deliver to most of the UK with our own fleet of vehicles, and our trusted courier can deliver to the places we can't.

Customer charter

Jedson is committed to customer service excellence. We offer friendly, knowledgeable advice. No matter how trivial your query may seem, do get in touch. It’s our job to know our stuff about our doors, windows and patios. Jedson will always operate with transparency and integrity. To build a great business to pass on to our own children, we will do the right things, the right way.